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Tetra Tech, a principal partner in the joint venture Tech2 Solutions (T2S), successfully managed the cleanup, restoration, and transition of the 27 mi2 Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) Superfund site to an urban wildlife refuge under this $867M Program Management Contract (PMC). We completed the site remediation and were responsible for project management, engineering, construction, procurement, program support, and administration.
This project highlights our experience and past performance in addressing the environmental legacy of more than 40 years of chemical weapons and pesticide production on a large U.S. Government site. We managed an integrated program with multiple individual area remediation projects; constructed, operated, and closed landfills including design and construction of five RCRA-equivalent caps; decontaminated and demolished facilities; remediated soils, sanitary landfills, lake sediments, and waste piles; conducted, in accordance with RCRA requirements, performed all monitoring of GW and SW associated with the soil remediation; and implemented stormwater controls.

We completed this project a year ahead of schedule resulting in a significant cost savings, removed 25 mi2 from the NPL, and created a 23 mi2 National Wildlife Refuge.

The RMA was successfully transitioned to a national wildlife refuge.

Located 10 miles from downtown Denver, the RMA produced chemical and incendiary weapons for the U.S. Army and commercial pesticides. As a result, 4.7 mi2 and 800 structures were contaminated with 27 contaminants of concern, including pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, chemical warfare agents, munitions, and explosives. Contaminants had reached the groundwater, resulting in 15 distinct groundwater plumes across the RMA including some which extend beyond its boundaries.