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Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract Water Program

The N3B Los Alamos Team was awarded the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract in late 2017. Tech2 Solutions is the critical subcontractor on this team responsible for the entire Water Program scope of work on the Los Alamos National Laboratory Site. Tech2 Solutions’ scope of work includes:

      • Groundwater Monitoring
      • Well Drilling
      • Surface Water Monitoring
      • Storm Water Corrective Actions
      • RDX Contamination Remediation
      • Hexavalent Chromium Remediation

The Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract is valued at approximately $1.75 billion over ten years; the base term is five years valued at approximately $874 million, followed by three-year and two-year option periods valued at approximately $876 million combined. Tech2 Solutions portion of this is approximately $20M per year. The work will be conducted under contract to the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management.

Since its inception in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos National Laboratory’s primary mission has been nuclear weapons research and development. The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management (DOE/EM) mission is to characterize and remediate contaminants in the environment; decontaminate, decommission and demolish process-contaminated facilities; and manage and dispose of legacy transuranic wastes, thereby reducing risks to the public, workers and the environment associated with legacy material, facilities and waste sites.

The objectives of N3B’s Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract include:

        • protect, characterize, and monitor the regional aquifer;
        • clean up contaminated media and contaminated legacy waste sites at LANL and surrounding private- and Government-owned lands (formerly LANL), including groundwater and surface water, to levels appropriate for the intended land use;
        • decontamination and decommissioning and demolish inactive, process-contaminated, and non-contaminated facilities that impede the timely execution of environmental restoration activities;
        • retrieve, characterize, and prepare legacy mixed-low level radioactive waste and transuranic waste for shipment off-site (the LANL EM Program manages the disposition of legacy waste generated between 1970 and 1998 and NNSA is responsible for newly generated waste (waste generated after FY1998)); and
        • transfer sites to the landlord organization (NNSA) for long-term surveillance and monitoring as needed, in order to provide necessary safeguards and protection of workers, the public, and the environment, or to subsequently transfer to the County of Los Alamos.

David Kostorowski
General Manager
Tech2 Solutions