Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence

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Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence Program Design, Integration, Construction, Communications, and Engineering Contract

Tech2 Solutions provides design, integration, construction, communications, and engineering support to the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration Office of Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence. The purpose of this program is to enhance international nuclear security through implementation of nuclear and radiological material detection systems.

Tech2 Solutions supports the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in enhancing international nuclear safety and nonproliferation and reducing global danger from weapons of mass destruction through the implementation of the Second Line of Defense (SLD) program, now known as the Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence Program (NSDD). Under the Design, Integration, Construction, Communications, and Engineering (DICCE) program, Tech2 Solutions is providing renovation and upgrades to special event locations, international land borders, seaports, and airports to secure them from illicit trafficking in nuclear and radiological materials. Tech2 Solutions joint venture partners have provided these same services under contract to the SLD Program Office since 1998.

Tech2 Solutions is delivering design, integration, and construction services for the coordination, integration, and installation of various configurations of radiation portal monitors (RPM) and associated infrastructure. Tech2 Solutions designs and installs the electronics infrastructure required to ensure that all data captured through the integration of various systems is successfully transmitted to central or local alarm stations for monitoring. Systems include off-the-shelf technology detection systems, optical character recognition systems, communications systems, message boards, traffic control, secondary inspection stations, and handheld detection equipment.

Tech2 Solutions, and its joint venture parent companies under previous contract vehicles, has installed more than 1500 radiation detection portal monitors and the associated electronics and communications equipment and infrastructure in 37 countries around the world, including over 30 airports, 60 seaports, and 140 border and rail crossings.

Tech2 Solutions develops site-specific designs for various configurations of RPM installations including pedestrian monitors, car and truck monitors, handheld and personal radiation detector devices, and rail monitors. Tech2 Solutions has also deployed RPM installations in a wide range of operating environments including venues for the 2004 Olympic Games, international airports, border crossings, and large passenger and cargo seaports. Our design services include developing electrical, civil, structural, and communications systems and structures based on information obtained during site field surveys.

Tech2 Solutions’ support to the Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence Program involves developing, designing, testing, installing, and commissioning commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-designed nuclear detection systems; supporting visual surveillance and communication infrastructure; performing independent technical assessments and research; and providing maintenance and sustainability support as needed. Tech2 Solutions also designed and installed integrated and sustainable nuclear monitoring, detection, and response systems at locations worldwide to enhance law enforcement’s ability to detect illicit trafficking in nuclear or radiological materials, strengthen international nuclear security, and reduce the global danger from weapons of mass destruction. This program requires Tech2 Solutions to have an expert grasp on design, integration, and construction, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the elements of adversary, threat, vulnerability assessment, nuclear engineering and physics, and diplomacy.

The Tech2 Solutions Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence project team has won numerous awards and accolades from the U.S. government, foreign stakeholders, and industry partners for our work under this very important national security program.

• Nuclear detection systems development
• Site design, installation, startup, testing, and training
• Stakeholder interface and coordination
• Project integration
• Operations, planning, and training conception
• Surveillance and communications infrastructure design and installation
• Maintenance and sustainment

o Security
o Nuclear Nonproliferation
o Environment
– Environmental Response & Disaster Management
o Infrastructure
– Harbors/Waterfront

o Program & Construction Management

o Europe and Eurasia
o Africa
o Southeast Asia
o Pacific Rim
o South America

David Kostorowski
General Manager
Tech2 Solutions