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Dave Kostorowski
General Manager
Sealaska Technical Services
Randy Roberts
Senior Vice President
Tetra Tech CES Division
Mike Koester
Vice President
Golden, CO | Minneapolis, MN
Tetra Tech CES Division
Jackie Rollins
Director, Human Resources |
Tetra Tech
Shannon Malisani
Procurement Manager
Tetra Tech CES Division
Bruce Robinson
Director, Water Program
Dr. Robinson is the Director of the Water Program for the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Prior to joining STS, Dr. Robinson held a number of scientific, technical and management positions over a 32-year career at LANL, including most recently serving as the Program Director responsible for managing LANL’s EM Environmental Remediation program.
John Gonsky
Acting Tech2 Solutions Program Manager for the LANL Legacy Cleanup Contract Water Program
John has 34 years of diverse experience including the design of spent nuclear fuel storage facilities, design and operation of nuclear waste handling and processing facilities, and safety analysis of nuclear facilities and radioactive material packaging. He possesses expertise in system and facility D&D planning and engineering, nuclear system and facility processes, and piping, valves, and other mechanical engineering aspects of nuclear facilities.
Robert Olewinski
Project Manager/Tetra Tech, Inc
Mr. Olewinski is the Transition Lead for Tech2 Solutions and has worked at Tetra Tech for over 28 years. For the past 14 years, he has been a Project Manager on the United States Department of Energy’s Design, Integration, Construction, Communications, and Engineering (DICCE) Program that involves the installation of radiation portal monitors (RPMs) at border crossings, seaports, and airports around the world. Mr. Olewinski has managed projects in Belgium, Malaysia, and, since 2012 in Azerbaijan. Prior to working ion the DICCE program, Mr. Olewinski served in technical and management positions on environmental investigation and remediation programs.